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What the Law Could Not Do, Jesus Did It

Romans 8:3. “For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin condemned sin in the flesh”.
What then is our hope? Let me now share with you a glorious revelation – because Resurrection Sunday is not far away. What the law COULD NOT DO, the Lord Jesus Christ DID DO. He came to deliver us from the curse of the law. Yes, Jesus came to deliver us from the law itself. The law was a slave driver, an executioner, seeking to kill us because of our sins. Then Jesus comes and does two things:
First he lives a perfect, holy, sinless life for thirty-three and one-half years in full and complete obedience to the law of God in every detail. He thereby provided a righteousness, a positive righteousness of the law. Then He did the second thing; He paid the death penalty of the law when He died on Calvary and proved that He had paid it all by rising from the grave after three days. The penalty of the law was paid at Calvary, and thereby he has provided a perfect righteousness by His sinless life which is imputed to those who believe on Him. Now the Lord Jesus Christ offers both of these by FAITH through GRACE to any sinner who will turn from the law to Him – from works to Christ – and be saved. To every sinner who will admit that he could not keep the law of God and will repent and receive the Lord Jesus Christ, He does two things:
First, He imputes His death and resurrection to that sinner. The law is satisfied in Christ, it has exacted its full penalty in Him, and this righteousness is accounted to the sinner. He now is a redeemed sinner (saint) whose debt has been fully paid.
Second, Jesus imputes to this forgiven sinner (saint) His perfect righteousness which he proved and provided by His own sinless life, in perfect harmony with the law, and now the believing sinner (saint is clothed with the righteousness of Christ Himself. By the death of the Lord Jesus the believer has paid the penalty of the law which he OWED. By the life of the Lord Jesus Christ he is now clothed with the perfect, sinless righteousness of Christ Himself, and stands before God as though he had never committed a single sin in all his life and had never even once broken the holy law of God. That, saints of God is justification, a truth which few seem to understand. The saint is not a pardoned sinner, for the law knows no pardon. It knows only punishment. “Jesus did not come to destroy the law. He came to fulfill it”. “The law came by Moses, but GRACE and TRUTH came by Jesus Christ.”
Have a Blessed Resurrection Sunday!
Much Love,
Because He Is – I Am
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