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They Continued Steadfast

ACTS 2:42 KJV. “And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.

The early Apostolic church were a people who continued steadfastly in four foundational things. What does it mean to continue steadfastly? To continue, persevere, endure, stick, persist. A person does not quit, back off, fade away, or slip back.  He continues on steadfastly.


1. In Doctrine: The teaching, the instruction of the Apostles.  This would include both, what Christ taught and His death and resurrection and ascension or exaltation. It would be the same teaching and instructions…that are shared in the New Testament.


2. In Fellowship: The fellowship wrought by the Spirit of God means more than the associations existing in secular society. The Holy Spirit creates a spiritual union by melting and molding the heart of the Christian believer to the hearts of other believers. Through the Spirit of God, believers become one in life and purpose.


3. In “Breaking of Bread“: The Lord’s Supper-means the early church observed and remembered the Lord’s death. The set aside some time to observe what churches call communion-they observed the Lord’s Supper daily.


4. In Prayer: The early church was a people who persevered in prayer-the idea is church prayer, united prayer with the whole body of believers. Through prayer they were brought into the most intimate fellowship and presence of God.  They could get no closer to God than when they were drawing nigh to God in prayer.  Let us continue steadfast in these foundational building blocks.


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