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The Right Attitude to Weather the Storm

presiderblogRoman 8:28. “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God to them who are the called according to his purpose.”


Until all that we believe in is tested, we don’t truly understand the magnitude or magnificence of what we believe. In the moments of utter confusion, and consistent controversy, we have the opportunity to believe that we are not the victims of arbitrary circumstance. Instead, we choose to believe that our life has never left the hands of God, the potter, who would fashion us at His own pace and for His own purpose.


Granted, we are not in charge of what happens to us in life, but we are in charge of how we respond to it. In taking the initiative to rise to the occasion, our resolve is resolved. For only those who are pushed to the limits know the limits to which they can be pushed. Only the faith that is challenged is the faith that succeeds.


For all of us, unforeseen circumstances, tragedy, bad news, unexpected turn of events, hardship, and pain enter center stage and produce defining moments.  They are the principal payers in the drama of our lives.


Somehow, in the moments following our deepest pain, we rise with a confidence that cuts beyond our injured soul and anchors firmly to our very spirit the belief that God is going to make all things work out together for our good. God uses the crisis that He allows in our lives to work out for our good.  Could it be that the thing you thought would take you out only serves to bring you in? That which you thought would disqualify you miraculously qualifies you. That very thing some thought would kill you, extinguish your flame, only made you stronger and caused your passion to burn much hotter.


It is true that your crisis can become the fuel for your greatest breakthroughs, pushing you, challenging you, upsetting you, but ultimately helping you?  Somehow you can understand that the crisis only took from you what you did not need and only separated you from those who did not count.  It only provoked you in the direction of your destiny.  Passivity, indecision, and the luxury of procrastination were snatched from you the moment crisis came knocking at your door. Don’t curse your crisis – Just maybe God is up to something. You need the right attitude to weather the storm.

Much Love,

Because He Is -I am