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The Empty Tomb



Luke 24:6 KJV. “He is not here, but is risen, remember how He spake unto you when He was yet in Galilee?”


He is not here“. Discovering the empty tomb was the greatest discovery in human history. However, the great tragedy is that most people either are not aware that Jesus arose or do not believe that He arose. Every man, woman, boy or girl, has to discover the TRUTH for themselves. The Empty Tomb and the risen Lord have to become a personal discovery for everyone.

The first day of the week, Sunday, was the day upon which Jesus arose, the day after the Jewish Sabbath. The Apostle Luke clearly spells out when Jesus arose: Upon the first day of the week, very early in the morning. This means that he had been in the grave for three days just as He had said. His resurrection from the dead was a triumph, a conquest over death. Death reigns no more-its rule has been broken.

Jesus was dead; therefore, the law and its observance had no authority over Him. This is symbolic of the identification believers gain in Christ. When a man or woman believes I Jesus Christ, God identifies the man or woman with Christ in particular with the death of Christ. God counts the person as having died with Christ. Very simply, in Christ’s death believers become dead to the law, because Jesus fulfilled the holy demands of the law perfectly.  Have a Blessed Resurrection Sunday.

Much Love,

Because He is I am,


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