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Affiliated Churches in the State of OH

Church NamePastor NameAddressPhone NoURL
Church of ChangeElder Kelvin Pate437 Fernwood Drive Akron OH 44320
Eliezer Church of Christ Elder Phillip A Smedley Sr.1413 Saint Clair Avenue Columbus OH 432116142996815www.ecoc1.org www.ecoc1.com
Little Rock Church of Christ Elder Blair L Burke Sr.857 Frebis Avenue Columbus OH 432066144437625
Living Water Church of Christ Elder Leon Lewis13320 Lorain Avenue Cleveland OH 44111
Pilgrim Church of Christ Elder James W Ransom III616 East 105th Street Cleveland OH 441082167612279www.pilgrimchurchofchrist.org
Precious Blood ChurchDistrict Elder Carl A Jackson5253 Bennett Road Toledo OH 436124195361484
Rehoboth Temple Church of ChristApostle Bradford Berry1111 E Long Street Columbus OH 432036142528219www.rehobothtemplechurch.org
Saints Assembly of the Lord Jesus ChristElder Michael Odom Sr.4291 Lee Road Cleveland OH 441282165615673
Straitgate Church District Elder Kenneth Newton6420 Montgomery Road Cincinnati OH 45213
The Blessed ChurchElder Donald T Evans2901 Airport Drive Columbus OH 432196146263377http://www.theblessedchurchcooljc.com
United Church of Christ District Elder James E Sanders420 S Prospect St Ravenna OH 442663302971161www.unitedcojc.org
Victorious Church of Christ Bishop Kim Fitzgerald4084 Lee Road Cleveland OH 441282162950119

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