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Seek The Face of God



Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Inc.

 The body of Christ, the church is at a crucial time in history. The church is being challenged, spiritually, domestically, socially, and economically. God is allowing the Church to go through a kind of “wilderness” experience. During these challenging times, God watches to see whether His people will seek His “face” or His “hand”. His face represents His character and nature, it denotes a relationship. His hand represents His provision and power. If you seek only His hand, you may not recognize His face. But if you know His face, you will know His hand.

The Pharisees did not recognize God’s face in the person of Jesus; they were watching only for His hand to deliver them from Roman bondage.  Let us not be like them. If our heart is after God, if we will love, obey and seek Him even in “trying times”, He will raise up forerunners. Like Joshua, they will arise and take the “Promised Land”, partaking in the possessions God has promised us.

God is raising up a “Joshua Generation”, but as in Joshua’s time, the army’s training ground is the “wilderness”.  These dry times sift the murmurers, the complainers, and the rebellious, just as the wheat is separated from the chaft.

Those seeking only the benefits of the “Promise” and not the “Promiser” Himself, will faint in the dry desert places. It is one thing to seek the Lord for what He can give you or do for you. It is quite another to seek the Lord for Who He is. The first is for your benefit; the motive, selfish. At best an immature relationship will develop from this motivation. But seeking the Lord for Who and What His is will build a strong and healthy relationship.

Much Love,

Because He Is – I Am

Apostle Robert L. Sanders