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Putting GOD First Is a Must


We must Put God first in our lives. Worship Him and make Him the focus and center of our lives. We owe our lives to God, and God demands that he be put first. We are to walk in all His ways, love Him and fear Him. We are to serve God in sincerity and truth and have nothing – absolutely nothing – to do with false worship and false gods.

We are to worship God, Him and Him alone, and keep His commandments. God is to be sanctified, set apart in our hearts, and He is to be our fear and our dread. We are to call on the Lord, worshipping Him, living upon the earth as pilgrims who are longing to spend eternity with Him. This earth is just a temporary place for us as we march to the promised land of heaven. But while we are living in this temporary world – living for just a few short years – we are to be worshipping the Lord and passing our time in fear, (reverence) lest we miss Him. God is to be put FIRST. Just as the TABERNACLE was set up on the CENTER of Israel, so the Lord is to become the CENTER of our lives today and forever. GOD FIRST!

If God is first you will never be last.

Much Love,

Because He Is, I Am