2081 Adam Clayton Powell Jr., NY, NY 10027

Office of Executive Secretary

Bishop Dr. Elijah Solomon

solomonBishop Dr. Elijah Solomon was appointed Executive Secretary at the close of the 93rd International Convocation in Greensboro, North Carolina on July 22, 2012. He has held positions as the treasurer and executive secretary for the Texas Diocese. After 32 years with the IBM Corporation Dr. Solomon retired as a Project Executive and brings a wealth of organization, business and management experience to the office.

The secretariat’s office serves as the repository for business matters of the International Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc. All church, district elder, and bishop reports are processed by the office for accuracy and reporting. All requests for charters, credentials and licenses are processed, recorded, and issued through this office and signed by the executive secretary upon approval.

The executive secretary is responsible for maintaining a correct record of all business proceedings and be the custodian of the records and organizational seal. The executive secretary shall sign with the Presiding Apostle, when necessary, in the name of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Inc., and affix the seal thereof when required.