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Let Brotherly Love Continue

This is the first verse of Hebrews 13:1 – “Let brotherly love continue”. It is a decision of the heart to do so. We have a say in whether we love or not.
Love the brotherhood: there is the mark of brotherly love. “Let brotherly love continue”. Note that the love existing among believers is a special kind of love. It is a brotherly love “Philadelphia style”, the very special love that exists between brothers and sisters who truly cherish one another.
Brotherly Love is the kind of love:
* That binds each other together as a family.
* That binds each other in an unbreakable union.
* That holds each other ever so deeply within the heart.
* That knows deep affection for each other.
* That nourishes and nurtures each other.
* That shows concern and looks after the welfare of each other.
* That joins hands with each other in a common purpose under one father.
How can people possibly love one another like this when they are not true blood brother and sisters? Here is how. The Greek word “brother” (adelphos) means from the same womb. The word used for “love” is “Phileo” which means deep seated affection and care, deep and warm feelings within the heart. It is a kind of love that holds a person near and dear to one’s heart.
People who have BROTHERLY LOVE have come from the same womb, that is from the same source. They have been born again by the Spirit of God through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. And when they receive this new birth, God gives them a new spirit – a spirit that melts and binds their hearts and lives in love for all the family of God.
Believers may not even know each other. They may even be from different parts of the world, but there is a BROTHERLY LOVE between them because they have been given a new birth and a new spirit of love by God. “Let brotherly continue”. Let us love one another, because “People Matter”.
Much Love,
Because He Is – I am
Presider – Servant Leader