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Know Who You Are – Part III


I Peter 2:9. “But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should show forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light”.


This is Part III of “Know Who You Are”. How many of us actually walk and live in the presence of God? How many know what it is to have an unbroken communion with God? How many know what it is to be praying always? May God convict our hearts and stir us to recommit our lives to prayer and communion to praying always… to seeking an unbroken communion and fellowship with Him every moment of the twenty-four hours of every day.


3. Believers become a holy nation. This is a very meaningful title for believers. Just think about it: God is building a new nation of people. He is drawing people from all over the world, people from all the nations of the world, and creating a new nation.  What is the nation? Is it the whole nation? It is the Holy nation of God. Remember the word “Holy” means separated, set apart and different. Any person who is willing to separate from the sin and evil of this world and set his life apart unto God, God will take that person and make him a citizen of His Holy nation. This is what holy means:  to be different from the world, from its sin, evil, and death. It means to be separated from the evil of life of the world and set, apart to the holy life of God. The person who turns to God becomes a citizen of God’s holy nation:

  • He serves the Sovereign head of God’s Nation even God Himself.
  • He obeys the laws of God’s nation
  • He is dedicated to follow the customs of lifestyle of God’s nation
  • He speaks up for and defends the nation of God

4.  Believers become a “peculiar people’.  The Greek means:

  • A people for God’s own possession
  • A people to be His very own
  • A people saved to be His own

This is a most precious thought:  that God makes us His very own people, a very special possession of His.  Possession has the idea of value, of worth and preciousness. We are more precious to God than all the precious gems and treasures of the world.  Possession also has the idea of provision, protection, and security. We are God’s possession, His very special people; therefore He will provide and protect us and make us secure in every sense of the word.


It is most important to know who you are – and whose you are – you are special to God – and you “Matter” to God. Remember, “There remaineth yet very much land to be possessed”. “People Matter”.  Looking to see you at the Holy Convocation in Greensboro, NC.


Much Love,

Because He Is -I am