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Happy Father’s Day!

As we celebrate FATHERS on this Father’s Day, let us remember that God, our Heavenly Father deserves our praise, appreciation and gratitude. He is the Father to us all and the ultimate example of fatherhood. None of His children are the same. We are all different, yet His children. We bear His image, likeness and character. And as it is with our Heavenly Father, so it is with earthly fathers.  Your children bear your resemblance.


I can’t help but reflect on my father who has gone on to be with the Lord.  Although he is absent in the body, I can feel my fathers presence on a daily basis, in my life, and in the life of my siblings.  We are often reminded of the morals and values that he taught us. The same is true for our Father in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Chief Apostle William L. Bonner, who is resting in the presence of the Lord. He was not only a Father to his natural children, but a Father to us also.


You have been given a great responsibility. That responsibility is to follow the example of fatherhood set by your Heavenly Father. It is a blessing to be a father, whether biologically, or spiritually, or even a father figure in the life of someone who admonishes you as father. Many challenges face fathers in the 21st century. These challenges have tried the fabric and fiber of the institution of family that God has ordained from the beginning. Children are faced with life decisions and many of them have no fathers present to guide them in establishing the path and journey for their life that is set before them.


One of the major problems in our society today is FATHERLESSNESS. The role and position of a father can only be filled by a man who God has created and ordained to be in that role or position. It is by His original design, and that design has not changed.  Fathers are responsible for leading like Jesus lead.


I’m constantly reminded of the way God validated His son Jesus…”This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased”. You must affirm and reaffirm your children and your family so that it will remain strong and unified. So, as an expression of your dedication to Fatherhood, this Father’s Day, embrace your children; embrace your family.  I encourage each Father to dedicate and re-dedicate yourself to the values of being a true Father. As you spend time with your family and friends, celebrate this Father’s Day. May it be filled with heaven’s best. Happy Father’s Day.


Much Love,

Because He Is -I Am