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God Is Worki​ng It Out For You

presiderblogBelievers have a right to praise God in the midst of crisis and temptation, because at that moment, by faith, they know God is working for their good.

Take Apostle Paul’s shipwreck for example. When it appeared the entire crew on board the ship with Paul would be lost in the midst of the storm, when all seemed pointless, Paul told the crew to be of “good cheer”, none would be lost (Acts 27: 22).

When the ship sank and they came to land, Paul and his men were hosted by a company of people. Out of the fire, built on the beach for them, came a poisonous snake that bit Paul. He merely shook it off into the fire. Amazed, the islanders watched to see if Paul would swell up and die. Their superstitious nature caused them to think he must surely be an evil man to have a deadly snake bite him. When nothing happened, they decided he must be a god (Acts 28: 3-6).

Paul was not God. Paul trusted God. Paul understood the purposes of God, had the mind of Christ, and in the midst of his greatest trials and temptations, could comfort a panic stricken crew and shake a viper into the fire. Paul feared no evil because God was with him.

Always remember, the purposes of God are going to be served by God and by God Himself. If God went to such lengths to deliver us from sin, surely He will go to great lengths to deliver us from all our trials. What ever you are going through right now – “God is working it out for you – right now!!

Much Love

Because He Is, I Am