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Forgetting To Return Thanks

Luke 17:17-18 “And Jesus answering said were there not ten cleansed?  But where are the nine? There are not found that returned to give glory to God, save this stranger.”
Jesus was journeying to Jerusalem. Certain Samaritans did not allow free passage to the Jews through their territory so Jesus had to divert His route. The alteration of travel did not stop Him from being available to minister.
Jesus met ten lepers in need. We identify with these ten in that we are all spiritual lepers apart from the healing salvation of God through Christ. What happened in this exchange of conversation?
We may play it by the rules. The lepers stood at a distance and cried out with loud voices. They played it by the rules. According to Leviticus 13:45, lepers had to identify themselves by wearing torn clothes, covering the lower part of their faces, and crying out “unclean”. Apparently nine Jews and one Samaritan were brought together by the same common affliction. They obeyed the law of lepers. How many claim to be Christian by the law but are still infected with sin? It is not enough to play it by the rules.
We are commanded to live by Faith. The lepers cried to Jesus. They requested mercy, not healing. Jesus exhorted them in a loud voice to go to the priest. They were given an opportunity to exercise their faith. Would they take it? Will we take the opportunity to live by Faith?
We may obey Christ’s commands. The lepers went to the priest. Their action provided their obedience. They fulfilled the law of Leviticus 14:2 by going and Christ healed them. But they still had a problem. They forgot to return thanks. A person who comes to Church and hears a word from God on prayer, tithing, or serving and then does nothing about it is unthankful. Is there anything sadder than ingratitude? In your home, your business, and your life have you learned to give thanks?
One healed leper came back and glorified and thanked Jesus. He gave thanks. What an irony! The Samaritans had closed the door to Jesus’ passage. The alternate route gave Jesus an opportunity to open the door of healing for this Samaritan. The unclean had met the ultimate clean. The Samaritan rejoiced and praised God. A spirit of gratitude filled his life.
What has God done for you lately that you are thankful for? I know there is something that you have not thanked Him for and if you have He deserves much more thanksgiving from you. Now take a few moments and give God thanks for His graciousness toward you and your family. I Thank God for each one of you – Because you “Matter to me”.
Much Love,
Because He Is – I Am