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Faith That Keeps On Believing Until Something Happens


John 4:49-50 “The nobleman saith unto him, Sir, come down ere my child die.  Jesus saith unto him, Go thy way; thy son liveth. And the man believed the word that Jesus had spoken unto him, and he went his way.”


This nobleman was a government official, probably holding some high position in Herod’s court. His experience reveals the various stages of faith, the kind of growing faith that every Christian should experience. If you would read John 4:46-54, you will notice five stages of faith: A beginning Faith (v. 46-47); A Persistent Faith (v.  48-49); A trusting obedient and walking faith (v.50); A confirmed Faith (v. 51-53); A Witnessing Faith (v. 53-54). These stages of faith are designed for your growth and development. Faith in God is necessary to meet the challenges of life.


Human needs confront every human being. Eventually the severe needs arising from accidents, illnesses, diseases, suffering and death strike everyone. No one is exempt. One may be an official in government or even the King himself, it does not matter. The day eventually comes when every man needs help. The severe disasters of life are beyond any man’s control.


There was a hearing about Jesus. The man heard about Jesus and he listened and paid attention to what he heard.  The man did not let his high position keep him from Jesus.  He did not wrap himself in pride nor did he allow what others might say to keep him from Jesus. He swallowed his pride and confessed his need in the face of all who ridiculed him, and he went to Jesus.


Both faith and obedience were necessary to receive the promise and help of Jesus. The man would not have received the help of Jesus if he had not accepted and believed the words of Jesus, or if he had rebelled and acted childishly.


The man was helped because he persisted. Persistence was absolutely necessary in securing the Lord’s help. Persistence shows that one really recognizes and acknowledges his need and really believes God can and will help. Note if a man ceases to ask, he shows that he does not believe God will answer. He gives up on God, disbelieving Him. This man did not allow the Lord’s hesitation to stop him… and neither should you.


You must have faith that keeps on believing until something happens.  Faith in God will get it for you!  Go on and believe God!


Much Love,

Because He is – I am