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2081 Adam Clayton Powell Jr., NY, NY 10027

Greater Refuge Temple Bible Institute, Buffalo, NY


Greater Refuge Temple Bible Institute
943 Jefferson Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14204
Bishop Robert L. Sanders, President/Founder
Tel:886-2199 Fax: 886-3946


Bishop Robert L. Sanders, B.R.E., M.TH., D.H.L., Th.D

Elder Robert L. Sanders, Jr., B.S., Ed.M

Elder Leonard Marshall, B.S., MBA

Elder Nathan Salter

Sis. Diane Thompson


The Greater Refuge Temple Bible Institute is an extension of the Church of Christ Bible Institute of New York City. Its general purpose is to help develop men and women for Christian service. This is accomplished through a program of biblical, general and professional studies. We serve students who are able to study part-time. Classes are held on Monday evenings.

6:00 p.m. – 7:10 p.m.

How to Live In the Promise Land of God & Be Prosperous and Successful……….Bishop Robert L. Sanders

(The Book of Joshua)​

7:20 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

1+1+1=1:The Triune God……………………………………….…. …….………Pastor Robert L. Sanders, Jr.

Beloved, Hated & Exalted: The Life of Joseph……… … ……..……..…………………..Elder Nathan Salter

The Rapture of the Church & Second of Coming of Jesus Christ…………………………….Elder Leonard Marshall

Battlefield of The Mind ………… …………………….…………..…………………..Sis. Diane Thompson


How to Live In the Promise Land of God And Be Prosperous and Successful

Bishop Robert L. Sanders

The Bible gives a detailed journey of the Children of Israel (the modern day church) from Egypt – through the wilderness – to the Promise Land. This class will explore the challenges they faced as they journeyed to the Promise Land under the great leadership of Moses and Joshua. They were promised by God to prosper in the land and find good success. What Happened? The text for this class will the Holy Bible. The focus of study will be the Old Testament book of Joshua, the Hebrew name for Jesus. Jesus must be the central point of all that we do in order to be prosperous and successful.

1+1+1=1:The Triune God

District Elder Robert L. Sanders, Jr.

In both the Old Testament and the New, we are told clearly and definitely that God is one. Isaiah 45:5 says, “I am the Lord…there is no God beside me.” This one (1) unique God is Triune( 1+1+1). Not three (3) persons, but three manifestations of one (1) God. In the Father we have the unseen God, the Author of all. In the Son God revealed, made manifest, and brought nigh; He is the Form of God. In the Spirit of God we have the indwelling God: the Power of God dwelling in human body and working in it what the Father and the Son has for us….what the Father has purposed, and the Son has procured, can be appropriated and take effect in the body of Christ only through the continual intervention and active operation of the Holy Spirit.”

The Rapture of the Church & Second of Coming of Jesus Christ 

 Elder Leonard Marshall

The Rapture will occur when Jesus Christ returns for his church. This is when all true believers in Christ will be taken from the earth by God into heaven (1 Corinthians 15:51-52; 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17). The Second Coming is when Jesus Christ returns with the church to defeat the antichrist, overthrow evil and then establish His thousand year reign (Revelation 19:11-16). This class will focus on the return of the Lord for the church in the Rapture and His appearance with the church in His second coming to the earth.

Beloved, Hated & Exalted: The Life of Joseph 

Elder Nathan Salter

Many believers go through life with unanswered questions about things that may occur along this journey. In this class we will take an extensive look at the Life of Joseph and see how we can identify with the different stages in our life as we move toward our Purpose and Destiny. Everyone who takes this class will have a better appreciation of the Processes God allows His children to go through to get them to their Destiny.

Battlefield of The Mind

Sis Diane Thompson​

It is life changing when we discover that wrong thoughts are the root of our problems and that we can change our life by changing our thinking. God’s Word teaches us that our minds must be renewed day by day so that we may learn to think the way God wants us to think according to Romans 12:2. This class will equip the student with tools to be victorious in the Battle of the mind versus the Spirit. The textbook for this class is by author Joyce Meyer “Battlefield of the Mind”.