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CCBI Curricula & Programs


The Church of Christ Bible Institute offers a three-year program leading to the Diploma. Because a firm foundation in the Bible is essential to meaningful Christian service, our Institute’s program is firmly rooted in the word of God. All students, whatever their area of specialization, major in the Bible. Each student will take a minimum of (36) credits in the Bible, studying the various books of the Old and New Testaments. Along with the Bible major, two minors provide specialized preparation for students entering the ministry as Pastors, Associate Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers, Missionaries and leaders in the various areas of church life.



This program is designed to prepare the student for Christian ministry. Pastors, Evangelists, Associate Ministers, and those professing a call of God, will receive training in basic counseling, worship leadership, the preparation and delivery of sermons, and all other areas of ministerial service.

(Required subjects)

The Pastoral Epistles 3 Credits
Hermeneutics 3 Credits
Counseling I & II 6 Credits
Worship in the Scriptures 3 Credits
Pastoral Theology I & II 6 Credits
Church Administration 3 Credits
Apologetics 3 Credits
Homilectics 3 Credits
Systematic Theology I & II 6 Credits
Total Course Credits 36 Credits


Along with the heavy emphasis on the Bible, the student will be taught how to organize and administer a Christian education department, and teach in a church Christian school. This will be accomplished through taking a variety of subjects that focus on teaching, its history, methods and materials. Students will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in class.

(Required subjects)

Teaching Techniques 3 Credits
Sunday School 3 Credits
Worship in the Scriptures 3 Credits
Church Educational Ministry 3 Credits
Vacation Bible School 3 Credits
Evangelize through Christian Education 3 Credits
History of Christian Education I & II 3 Credits
Understanding People 3 Credits
Teaching With Confidence 3 Credits
History of the English Bible 3 Credits
Total Course Credits 30 Credits


Evangelical Training Association Church of Christ Bible Institute Certificates
The Foundational Church Ministries Certificate Preliminary Christian Workers Certificate
The Standard Church Ministries Certificate Ministerial Training Certificate
The Advanced Church Ministries Certificate Leadership Training Certificate
Missionary Training Certificate
Christian Worker Certificate
Advanced Christian Worker Certificate

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