2081 Adam Clayton Powell Jr., NY, NY 10027

Cabinet & Officers

Name Department/Position
Apostle William L. Bonner Chief Apostle
Apostle James I. Clark Presiding Apostle
Apostle James A. Maye Vice Presider
Apostle Henry A. Moultrie II Executive Assistant to the Presider
Apostle Bradford Berry Chief of Staff to the Presider’s Office
Board of Apostles
Apostle Henry A. Moultrie II Apostle of Region I
Apostle of Administrative Affairs
Apostle Robert L. Sanders, Sr. Apostle of Region II
Apostle to the Women
Apostle Fred Rubin Apostle of Region III
Apostle of Education
Apostle James I. Clark, Jr. Apostle of Region IV
Apostle to the Men
Apostle Raymond Keith, Jr. Apostle of Region V
Apostle James A. Maye Apostle of Region VI
Apostle to the Youth
Apostle Mathew A. Norwood Apostle of Region VII
Apostle of Foreign Missions
Apostle Walter L. Jackson Apostle of Region VIII
Apostle of Home Mission & Ecclesiastical Ethics
Apostle Bradford Berry Apostle of Region IX
Apostle of Organizational Initiatives
Apostle Gentle L. Groover Apostle of Region X
Apostle of Evangelism
Apostle Herbert Edwards Apostle of Region XI
Apostle Ronnie Parson Apostle of Region XII
Apostle William Parent Honorary Apostle
Apostle Hudel Rowe Honorary Apostle
Apostle William Cramer Honorary Apostle
Apostle Sylvester Norwood Honorary Apostle
Apostle T.E. Woolfolk Honorary Apostle
International Cabinet
Bishop Dr. Elijah Solomon International Executive Secretary
Deacon Winston Knox International Treasurer
Bishop Richard D. Williams Administrative Assistant to the Executive Secretary
District Elder Horace Michael International Corresponding Secretary
Bishop Clarence Groover, Sr. International Financial Secretary
Bishop Daryl Forehand International Recording Secretary
Jacqueline Stover-Stitts, Esq. General Counsel
Bishop Raymond J. Keith, Jr. Chairman of the Board of Bishops
District Elder Willie Shy Chairman of the International Board of Presbyters
Deacon Paul Johnson Chairman of the International Union of Deacons
President of the International Brotherhood Association
Bishop William Wilkins, Jr. Chairman of the International Convention Committee
Dr. Celeste A. Johnson Vice Chair of the International Convention Committee
President of the International Chastity Program
Bishop Marcus McCoy Director of Home Mission
Mother Evangeline Jenkins President of the International Missionary Department
Dr. Sheryl J. Johnson President of the International Ministers’  & Deacons Wives Guild
Dr. Shannon Smith President of the International Women’s Council
International Senior Citizens Association
Mother Frances Darby President of the International Global Missions Department
District Elder Chris Goode Director of the International Evangelism Department
Elder Mark Parrott, II President of the International ABYPU Department
Brother Derrick Roberts Vice President of the International ABYPU Department
Deacon Marquise Rose President of the International Congress
Minister Christopher Breeden Vice President of the International Congress
Sister Dolores Griffith Superintendent of the International Sunday School Association
Bishop Ronnie Parson Apostolic Counseling
Elder Ashley Johnson Director of Community & Social Development
Elder Van Adams  Assistant Director of Social Justice
Bishop Dr. Kevin C. Bishop Adjutant General
Professor Hayward Gill, Jr. International Fed of Apostolic Health Professionals
Bishop Thurman Hargrove Advisor of the International Department of Music & Arts
Minister Michael Clark Director of the International Department of Music & Arts
Bishop Charles Williams President of the Board of International Evangelist
Bishop Clarence Groover, Sr. President of the Information Systems
Deacon Reginald Davis Director of Security
President of the International Usher Board
Bishop Charles E. Wright, Sr. Dean of the Church of Christ Bible Institute
Dr. Robert C. Spellman President of the Church of Christ Bible Institute
Missionary Evelyn Woods Director of Golden Beams