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Ceaseless Praying

Within the context of praise and adoration, the praying of the body of Christ should be dominated by intercessory prayer for the spread of the gospel and salvation of souls. There is no other reason for Jesus to have come to earth than for our salvation. There is no theme that runs consistently through Scripture than redemption. Sin and righteousness dominate every aspect of God’s revelation to us. There is no calling more important to a Christian than to be an ambassador of Christ, as if God were making His appeal directly through him or her. This appeal is about reconciliation. And reconciliation is about two things only: salvation for the lost and growth in personal holiness for the redeemed. All else falls into place once these two realities are attended to, not the least of which are the social and ethical responsibilities that the body of Christ owes the world… I am convinced that if the church were bent over double in pleading for lost people near and far, we might quickly discover how little fuss we need to make over worship styles and church growth methodology. So much of our praying is about things God would take care of anyway, especially if He saw our praying turned in the direction of His urgent desire that all should come to repentance. Even if we changed the little praying that we do and spent it on lostness and redemption, I am sure God would look back over His shoulder, turn our way again and bring both an awakening and continued revival. [Excerpted from Unceasing Worship by Harold M. Best]