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Blessed Are the Merciful


Matthew 5:7. “Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy”

We as believers are the object of God’s blessings. To be blessed is a blessing that only comes from God. To be blessed is to have spiritual joy and satisfaction that lasts regardless of conditions; that carries one through pain, sorrow and grief.

“Blessed are the MERCIFUL for they shall obtain mercy”. To be merciful is to have a forgiving spirit and a compassionate heart. To be merciful, is showing mercy and being benevolent. It is forgiving those who are wrong, it is much more. To be merciful is empathy, it is getting right inside the person and feeling right along with him. It is a deliberate effort; an act of the will to understand the person and to meet his need by forgiving and showing mercy. To be merciful is the opposite of being hard, unforgiving and unfeeling. God forgives only those who forgive others. A person receives mercy only if he is merciful.

There are certain characteristics of a merciful child of God: the person who is merciful has a tender heart a heart that cares for all who have a need, seen or unseen. If he see the needful, he feels for them and reaches out to do all he can. If he does not see them, he feels and reaches out through prayer and giving as opportunity arises. The merciful just do not hoard or hold back any kind of help, no matter the cost. “People Matter” to those that are merciful.

Every believer can be merciful. Some may not have money or other means to help, but they can be tender and compassionate and demonstrate mercy through expression and prayer. The blessings of being merciful are many:

A person does good to his own soul
A person is paid back what he gives
A person behaves like God Himself
A person is blessed
A person inherit the kingdom of God forever
A person is assured of finding mercy when needed

Remember “blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy.” I don’t know how you feel, but I need the mercy of God every day. I try to be merciful, because God is so merciful to me and my family. Keep in mind, be merciful – because “People Matter.” Be merciful so you can obtain mercy from God when needed.

Much Love,

Because He Is – I am


P.S. Looking forward to seeing you at the Congress in Buffalo, NY