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The sole requirements for membership in “The Guild” shall be that the member be the wife of a living minister or deacon of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. or the widow of a deceased minister or deacon of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. who has not remarried.

Members whose dues in the amount of $5.00 annually have been paid in full shall be considered members in good standing. They alone shall have the right to vote and to speak in any policy making or opinion-shaping discourse.

Because human effort must have the blessing of God in order to be truly effective, local Ministers’ and Deacons’ Wives’ Guilds are requested to handle their local fund raising projects in such a manner as to evoke the blessings of God. We shall request, therefore, that all of our funds raised for the National (International) cause to which the Guild is presently committed, the ten percent tithing be removed first and left to the local church and that the residue be sent or brought to the designated palce at the designated time for banking in the duly established accounts.

Local blanks and state blanks require that each member register with $1.00 or more, whether present or absent.


There shall be the establishment of a Ministers’ and Deacons’ Wives Guild in every ch7urch. The Pastor’s wife shall serve as the President of the local Guild and where she is unable to serve in this capacity, the wife of any other minister or deacon may serve.


The dues paying members of The Guild shall elect a roster of officers consisting of President, 1st Vice-President, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, and Chaplain.

The term of office shall be three years. Any officer may not succeed herself after six years. (2 terms).

This roster of officers shall be presented to the general body by a nominating committee who shall be appointed by the President in the year prior to election of officers.

A majority vote of the constituency is necessary for the election of any officer.

The uniform of the International Ministers’ and Deacons’ Wives Guild is:

  • Navy Blue Suit – your choice of style
  • White blouse – with long or three-quarter sleeves
  • Navy Shoes
  • Navy Hat

Those who have a strong preference for a dress may so choose.

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