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International Department Music

Music is a powerful tool; it can touch the heart profoundly and move the soul. Therefore, the purpose of the International Department of Music (IDM) is to praise, worship and exalt the Lord God Almighty through the music ministry. In doing so, the IDM will minister musically during the International Convocation, International Congress, and other international functions. The IDM will provide it’s members with spiritual, educational and social resources in which we will network to utilize, develop and assist each member in gaining spiritual growth and enhancement of their skills, as God’s Anointed Musicians.

Brief History

In 1988, Bishop Ronald Carter had a dream of the COOLJC Convention Choir at a recording session. Bishop Carter requested, and was granted Overseer status and hence the International Music Department was birthed with the late Minister John Kirton as Presiden and the late Elder Dennis Parrott as his assistant. Bishop Carter’s dream came to fruition in August of 1990 when the International Music Department of COOLJC recorded its first album, entitled “We just come to Praise.” This album was recorded “Live” at the Richmond Center, Richmond Va., with 150 anointed musicians of the COOLJC Intl. Mass Choir.

In April 1997, a second “Live” project entitled “Joy Bells” was record at the International Congress held in Norfolk, VA. Also in 1997, Apostle Gentle L. Groover assumed the duties as Overseer. The International Music Department has survived, through many trials and changes in administration and has continued to conduct its annual Gospel Music Workshops for the past 13 years, since its inception. In December 1999 during the conference in Louisville, KY, Bishop Thurman L. Hargrove became the IDM Overseer, after which Sister Nancy Y. Rowe became the President. Through this administration, there came the changing of the department’s name, to the International Department of Music (IDM).


Overseer- Bishop Thurman L. Hargrove
President- Sister Nancy Y. Rowe
Registration Chairperson: Sister Elaine Turner
Chief Director- Minister Michael Clark
Chairman of Finance & Treasurer- Deacon Derrick R. Ellis

Choir Dress Code

Children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right. Honor thy father and mother, which is the first commandment with promise. Ephesians 6: 1  &  2

Our church fathers and mothers have set a standard for us according to the word of God. This standard sets us apart from the world and most other church organizations. To some of us it seems rigged, but it really is not; matter of fact when you look at the whole picture its really more comfortable, convenient and easier. If our garments are indisposed, uncomfortable, inappropriate and distracting, we become ineffective in our ministry and all our singing is in vain, because we were vain in our dressing. No one heard us, but they sure did see us. This is not good, Saint’s of God, God has almost always sent the musicians, singers and praisers first before battle.

We must be all on one accord and uniformed as soldiers of the Lord Jesus Christ. By this we drive the enemy out and usher in the presence of God through our anointed praise, worship and thanksgiving by way of singing. By the time the man of God is ready to bring forth the word we have paved the way as God’s anointed choir and the sinner man and woman are ready to give their heart to God, as the Holy Ghost may have already fallen while we’ve ministered. By this the people are healed, delivered, encouraged and set free through the warfare of singing the gospel and good news of our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore let us not be selfish and say I can wear what I want or like, but let us all make a sacrifice and be on one accord in our dress as we serve the Lord Jesus Christ and His Church. We are more powerful as one in battle and we are more than conquerors. We are a choir that will not walk after the flesh, but after the spirit of God. So let us glorify God in our presentation and service to Him and His church as ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Women’s Dress Code (WHILE MINISTERING)

  • Watches, Wedding Rings, Class Rings May be worn.
  • No earrings, necklaces or anklets.
  • Ladies heads are to be COVERED with Prayer Chapels.
  • Long sleeved at least below the elbow.
  • No sheer or low cut blouses, no dresses Showing cleavage.
  • No sheer, short dresses or skirts, no tight fitting clothing.
  • No front splits or side splits and no high back splits.
  • Clothing must always come below the knees when sitting. Must always wear stocking.
  • No eye shadow, colored lipstick or colored nail polish.
  • Minimum facial foundation or powder can be worn.
  • No heavy makeup or rouge.

PLEASE Ladies let us do everything in moderation as Women professing Godliness!


  • No indisposed fitting suit, shirt or pants.
  • Be conservative with modest fitting pants.
  • No baggy, hanging or loose pants.
  • Regular Shoes- no sandals and socks must be worn.
  • No earrings, chains, bracelets.
  • Only watches, wedding rings and class rings can be worn.

REMEMBER : We are Ambassadors for Christ