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2081 Adam Clayton Powell Jr., NY, NY 10027

Current Roles of the Information Technology Committee (ITC)

  1. Setup and oversee a Help Desk service and software system that identifies our users and tracks ownership issues of requests for ITC services.
  2. Publish User Guide of ITC facilities and services to facilitate effective management and use of COOLJC IT resources.
  3. Publish periodically an ITC Bulletin high lighting ITC accomplishments and activities.
  4. Work with Presiding Apostle and Executive Committee to ensure the appropriate prioritization of projects.
  5. Implement new standards and methodologies for development of distributed systems and the Internet
  6. Ensure government compliance
  7. Train users on existing and newly implemented technologies.
  8. Recruit IT professionals from the COOLJC ranks who are technical, functional and subject matter professionals.
  9. Conduct technology retreats.
  10. Employ project management
  11. Implement business process re-engineering
  12. Advise Presiding Apostle and Executive Committee on the technological advances, advantages and procurement of cutting edge hardware, software and IT services
  13. Design and conduct surveys
  14. Implement security and auditing provisions

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