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Information Technology

Vision Statement for Information Technology in the Church Militant

The Church today serves as a bridge between the world and its people, and their eternal hope and promised future in Jesus Christ. A critical asset necessary and essential to the interchange of ideas, the presentation of issues, the determination of actions and the integrity of decisions in this world is INFORMATION. Information is a critical asset to the local Church and the corporate Church alike. It is as important as its buildings and grounds, its furnishings, its education and training capacity, its physical location and any other tangible asset. The world has learned that information can be as important, and in some cases, more important than money. The acquisition, storage, processing, formatting presentation and sharing of information is most efficiently managed through INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. We believe that the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. must and will benefit from the intrinsic value of information technology, and its productive use throughout the whole Church as we reach our goals through the Godly manifestation of all resources which advance God’s plan.

The world calls this the Information Age. Information pervades every issue, action, decision and program of the Church, and information technology has become the tool to accelerate the pace with which we acquire, store, process, format, generate, present and share information. Many within our denomination have demonstrated great proficiency in the use of computers, networks, and other enabling information technologies. We intend to harness that knowledge and skill to create an enabling environment which maximizes and promotes clarity, timeliness, accuracy, precision, and integrity in secure, affordable data, voice and video communications throughout our world-wide presence.

While the focus in the world seems destined to broaden the digital divide, and separate many of our people from the benefits of information technology, this new initiative can not succeed without the active participation and fervent prayers of every member of the local Church. It is the vision of our Church leadership that every Church member see tangible evidence of this effort over time, and that every member benefit from, and have increased opportunities for improved communications within the local Church, Dioceses and throughout our world-wide community of Churches.

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