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2081 Adam Clayton Powell Jr., NY, NY 10027

Global Mission

Chairman of Global Mission-Apostle Matthew Norwood


The New Millennium has brought striking changes to our lives on many fronts The world of technology, communications, medical science and global politics has become inextricably bound up in our day to day lives. The home and family are under constant onslaught from those who would take away parental rights with misguided legislation, to the agenda of the gay community. World News brings the war in Afghanistan into our bedrooms with graphic accounts of dead, atrocities, starvation and senseless destruction of homes and families.

In the midst of these events the need to spread the Good News of Salvation remains constant We have a-story to tell, It is the old, old story of Jesus and His Love. And there are workers agencies, Missionaries and faithful Nationals who are committed to telling the story. There are some who are imprisoned, tortured, taken hostage, and even martyred for their Faith. Victims of war, revolution, rebel ravaging, and dispersion struggle to find food and , shelter for themselves and their children. Those who serve the Lord in these countries often suffer and endure the same hardships as the people of the country in order to minister to their needs and see that they are introduced to the Saviour, Jesus Christ. We cannot, we must not slow or stop our mission of going, giving, praying and upholding the work of spreading the Gospel.

We are called to fulfill the “Great Commission”. We want to encourage our members and congregations to give and pray for souls. We hear stories of drugs, drought, disease and lack of simple food such as rice and beans in Africa, South America, Mexico, Eastern Europe, Afghanistan and other areas. No, we cannot feed the world and it seems that whatever is done falls short of the great need. But we can support the workers, churches, missions and schools that are established. The best way to do this is to give regularly to The Foreign Mission Department who sends monthly stipends to the various mission fields. There are needs above what is sent; therefore the more we give the more we can meet the needs. Pastors and workers are able to complete significant projects with a fraction of what it would take to do the same projects here.

Often we wait for the group or committee, but one can make a difference. We appreciate the ones who have given faithfully over the years. May the Lord reward you richly for your dedication and steadfastness in the eternal work for the Kingdom. There will be many precious souls in heaven who will say, .I’m here because of you.” Praise the Lord for the great time of rejoicing when we all get to heaven.