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Mid-Atlantic Diocese

Founder and Pastor of the Fisherman of Men Church Overseer Mid-Atlantic Diocese, Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Inc.

fomBishop Clarence Groover, Sr., a native of Stilson, GA; is Founder and Pastor of the Fisherman of Men Church and Overseer of 21 churches and missions in the Mid-Atlantic Diocese for the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. Bishop Groover’s anointed ministry, faith, and significant and continued contributions over the years; have qualified him as one of the outstanding ministers in the District of Columbia. In September 2006 he was honored by DC’s Urban Nation, Inc for his exemplary work as an ecumenical leader, outstanding contribution to the gospel ministry and for helping to transform the lives of countless families in the community. Additionally, Bishop Groover has distinguished himself as having the longest-running weekly radio broadcast on WYCB (the finest in the nation.), having been on the air for 30 years. With his weekly radio broadcast, he has been bringing inspiration and salvation to thousands of people by preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and real-time prayer. His WYCB broadcast targets the sick and shut-in, incarcerated, and anyone having a pressing need. The church has partnered with Howard University and other faith-based coalition organizations in a project, lead poisoning prevention to eradicate lead poisoning of children in the District of Columbia.

The true quality of Bishop Groover’s contributions to the work of the Lord and the community can be measured by the impact and range of his accomplishments. He earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Mathematics with Minors in Physics and Biology from Savannah State University (SSU) in Savannah, GA. At SSU he was a member of the Newtonian Honor Society and a tutor in Mathematics and Physics. Subsequently, he has done graduate work at the University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, CA in Aerospace Operations Management and the American University (AU) of Washington, DC in Computer Science. Bishop Groover also completed a one year Graduate Training Program at the Goddard Space flight Center and the Oracle University in Bethesda, MD for specialized training on Oracle Software Development tools. He has also attended the Washington Bible College, Washington, DC. Additionally, he served three years in the US Army during the Vietnam era.

While in the Military he attended the Ordnance of Guided Missile School in Huntsville, AL and was certified as an electronics technician and repaired Nike Launcher Controls. Bishop Groover was an instructor of Mathematics and General Science at the Wiesbaden Education Center, Wiesbaden, Germany. He has been working as an Information Technology (IT) professional for the last 40 years. His professional career includes Mathematician at The Goddard Space Flight Center where he also served as Assistant Data Processing Engineer for the Orbiting Astronomical Observatory (OAO-2) Satellite and Lead Software Analyst for the Energetic Particle Explorer (EPE-D), the Atmosphere Explorer (AE-C) and Orbiting Geophysical Observatory (OGO-C) satellites. He served as Supervisory Computer System Analyst for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Government Printing Office, Federal Home Loan and Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac); Information Technology Manager for the National Computer Systems Corporation and Software Consultant to QSoft Technologies Inc. He also served as Associate Director of the Information Systems and Services’ Applications Systems Unit at Howard University.

Presently, Bishop Groover is the Supervisor In Charge of the Information Systems and Services and holds the highest technology office at the university. As such he is in charge of all technology support at the institution, including visioning, planning, budgeting, etc., for technology in support of administrative and academic computing, telephony, and networking infrastructure, and manager of 168 hands-on staff who support the institution’s mission. He is a prolific writer and has numerous documents to his credit. Bishop Groover is Overseer of the Mid-Atlantic Dioceses (DC; MD & DE), International Financial Secretary for the Church of our and Chairman of the Information Technology Committee for the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Inc.

Married to wife Nettie for 40 years, their family includes three daughters, one son (now deceased) and one grandson. Ordained in the ministry in 1969, Bishop Groover has since founded the Fisherman of Men Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of Washington, DC, in the living room of his home at 1222 Maryland Ave., NE Washington, DC. This was the real beginning of a great “branch in Zion” and this house was fondly called “The Cradle of the Fisherman of Men Church.” The church prospered under Pastor Groover’s wise and prayerful leadership. During the seven years in which the church was held in his home, hundreds were baptized in Jesus Name, many were baptized with the Holy Ghost, speaking with other tongues; and many were healed by the laying on of hands through faith and the power of the living Christ.

God has placed the Fisherman of Men Church at 3641 Georgia Ave. NW, Washington, DC making it centrally located in this international community. Today, the church is in its final phase of a total renovation, and stands as an icon in proximity and purpose of other leading institutions, including Howard University, that serve the needs of mankind in the U.S. and throughout the world. This newly renovated church facility will enable the church to sponsor programs like Feeding the Hungry, Day and After Care, Activities for Senior Citizens and for Children with Special Needs, Vacation Bible School and a Computer Learning Center.

In his community outreach, Bishop Groover aims to reach the unreachable, whether the need is spiritual, psychological, physical or temporal. Bishop Groover’s integrity, intellect, innate creativity, love, for people, and fatherly demeanor, have been his hallmarks. He and his wife have lodged and fed strangers in their home. Some had police records, mental illnesses and/or drug addictions. Some were homeless, “problem-children” and some were AIDS patients. Bishop Groover has also provided financial assistance, gone to court, and wrote character references to judges for juveniles and adults.

Pastor Groover values ethnic diversity in that his church has attracted to its membership Africans, African Americans, Caucasians, Chinese, Hebrews, Latinos, Jamaicans, Indians, Philippians and Trinidadians. By Pastor Groover’s actions, he continues to serve as an invaluable role model to all that are striving for excellence. He has earned the respect and admiration of his family, colleagues, and Christians within and without his church organization and the community. His church has grown many folds over the years and continues to attract and convert God-loving people to its membership. Under Bishop Groover’s leadership the Mid-Atlantic Diocese has grown from 5 churches to 21 churches and missions. Bishop Groover works with the Board of Bishops to facilitate the work of the total ministry of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith Inc.

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